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Sign up for my substack to follow my journey as an aspiring writer and mystic.  My writing covers everything from travel, the progress and pitfalls on the path to spiritual enlightenment, and my enduring appreciation for the natural world.

I'm proud to call my self a pioneer in the emerging field of financial therapy and I have been very grateful for the vision and work of everyone involved with the Financial Therapy Association.  I've been a member for over ten yeas and served one term on the board of directors.

If I show up for our meeting a bit out of breath, its possible I've been out turning the cranks on my local trails.  An incredible local resource, I do try to stay involved with ongoing maintenance of the park.


For the past 25 years, my family has worked to support local educational, environmental, social justice and ministry efforts.  I'm happy to serve as the foundation's board president.

The Ma Magick Community is led by teacher, mentor and astrologer, Ra Ma Danielle Marie whose work, EarthSeed Temple Arts, offers readings, pilgrimage, and invaluable support for those on a spiritual path.

A Wild and Scenic River known for offering some of the Southeast's best whitewater, the Chattooga, offers endless opportunity for recreation, inspiration, spiritual connection and incredible beauty.  The Chattooga Conservancy is the local organization working to conserve and promote long term viability as a national treasure.

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