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Couples and Families

Are financial issues a constant source of conflict in your home?  Do you feel the issue is neglected or avoided altogether?


Is someone in your family struggling with financial independence and creating stress and tension in the family?

Couple's counseling:

My work with couple's is grounded in a family systems and experiential approach.  I utilize a deep understanding and working knowledge of how unhealthy patterns of conflict and codependency as well as dysregulation and problematic behaviors impact relationships.  It is safe to say that I am fairly unstructured in my psychotherapy work.  I generally allow my clients to take the lead in how they want to best make use of the therapeutic space.  That said, I strive to make couple's sessions as experiential as possible and my financial counseling work can be much more practical and structured.  I strive for a balance in processing the past, planning for the future and allowing for new understanding while offering constructive feedback whenever possible.

Family consultations:

Throughout my years in private practice, I have had the opportunity to do in depth work with a number of families who were struggling with conflict and stress related to adult children struggling to maintain independence.  Often this complex has integrated both the need to understand and treat challenging mental and behavioral health issues along with the need to have an understanding of financial constraints and resources related to trusts and complicated financial issues. My training as a financial planner along with my extensive experience in the mental health field make me a unique and highly qualified resource for families needing this type of support.

Additional Information:

I hold counseling licenses in North and South Carolina and I am able to see clients located there through my therapy program.  In addition, I offer coaching and consulting to clients worldwide.  To learn more about these programs and how we might work together - including costs, insurance billing, etc - I encourage you to schedule a "no obligation" initial consultation today!

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Clients worldwide:
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