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Are you struggling with conflict and recurring problematic issues

in your relationships?

Are you finding your self struggling with reactivity, lack of control or challenging nervous system symptoms?

Are certain behaviors - spending, alcohol use, etc feeling out of balance?

Coaching and Consulting

Have you tried a number of approaches and find your self still struggling to get your financial life in order?

Do you find you consistently avoid addressing financial issues, that you're never able to get into a good space financially and stay there?

Are you ready to make a plan and stay on top of your finances?

Couples and Families

Are financial issues a constant source of conflict in your home?  Do you feel the issue is neglected or avoided altogether?

Is someone in your family struggling with financial independence and creating stress and tension in the family?

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My Approach

My approach to psychotherapy is grounded in my belief that the path to growth and change appears most readily when we align ourselves with a guide who we deeply trust and feel a connection to.  I believe the key to improving our mental health lies in better integrating the mind and body or our cognitive processes with our emotional / intuitive self.   We are all content, fulfilled and happy at our core; however, years of conditioning and habitual behaviors can obscure this fact.  Areas where we experience significant distress may offer the greatest opportunities for growth.  By creating a safe, compassionate and productive setting and drawing on your inherent strengths and motivation, I can guide you through this process.  


My life long work in the helping field has exposed to me an array of interventions and treatment theories in a wide range of environments.  In addition, my own meditation practice and personal success using relaxation and mindfulness techniques heavily influences my work. Having come to understand we are most creative and content when we feel a deeper connection to our world and those around us, I strive to assist my clients in grounding themselves in this deeper understanding and connection.  The primary understandings that inform my approach include somatic/mindfulness practices, attachment theory, family-systems theory, cognitive behavioral therapy and humanistic psychology.

It's safe to say that I am fairly unstructured in my psychotherapy work.  I generally allow my clients to take the lead in how they want to best make use of the therapeutic space.  That said, I strive to make couple's sessions as experiential as possible and my financial counseling work can be much more practical and structured.  I strive for a balance in processing the past, planning for the future and allowing for new understanding.

My Approach
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