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Coaching and Consulting

Have you tried a number of approaches and find your self still struggling to get your financial life in order?

Do you find you consistently avoid addressing financial issues, that you're never able to get into a good space financially and stay there?

Are you ready to make a plan and stay on top of your finances?

My coaching practice brings together a culmination of 20 plus years of work as a counselor, psychotherapist and outdoor guide with two decades of intense work around spiritual development.   The coaching approach offers the most flexibility and the most access for a wide range of potential clients who could benefit from a strong and supportive working relationship - focused on healing, advancement of personal and financial life goals, a deeper understanding of one's purpose and one's connection to others and to, whatever for them, represents a higher consciousness, source or God.
My unique path includes being a pioneer in the field of Financial Therapy - a new and growing profession which strives to integrate a client’s development of both emotional and financial health. Professionals with training in both areas evaluate a client’s needs and utilize a range of techniques based on experiential therapy, financial planning, dialogue, communication, and behavior change to improve the client’s financial and emotional health.  Integration of these two fields allows clients to progress exponentially faster than working on financial and personal growth separately.

As a psychotherapist formally trained as a financial planner and having a deep appreciation for money psychology, I offer a unique set of skills.  My practical approach to financial counseling involves clarifying life and financial goals, understanding current spending and saving practices, addressing any psychological and emotional blocks and developing a concrete financial plan and monitoring program.  My approach is always tailored to best suit clients needs and interests.

How does coaching differ from psychother

  • We general take a similar approach and work to the same ethical and professional standards;
    ever, coaching offers a degree of flexibility that therapy does not have.

  • We generally focus more on goals and the future; however, it remains important to understand the past and how we're impacted by our prior experiences.

  • We do not use medical diagnosis and coaching cannot be billed to your health insurance plan.

  • Coaching is not a regulated industry and therefore clients do not have the same protections offered by therapy and other modalities overseen by licensing boards.

Coaching and Consulting


Call: 828-707-5376



20-30 minutes - $100

45-60 minutes - $150

Packages -

Purchase 5 sessions - 10% discount

Purchase 10 sessions - 20% discount

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